‘Game of Thrones’ star Pilou Asbaek reveals why Euron Greyjoy is unlike any other villain

NEW YORK – “Round of Thrones” star Pilou Asbæk is grateful to have appeared later in the arrangement than most prominent characters since it allowed him to make a scalawag that the universe of Westeros has not yet observed.

Addressing Fox News at the Season 8 debut of the HBO dramatization, Asbæk talked about his homicidal character, Euron Greyjoy, and why he can’t be contrasted with a portion of the different famous baddies on the show.

“It’s amazing, and I’m strolling in the strides of some, shrewd individuals,” an eager Asbæk said. “I completed a misstep on Season 6 and 7 where I contrasted myself with Joffrey and Ramsey saying, ‘He will be a bada- – character.’ He is a bada- – character, however those folks are underhanded fiendishness.”

The on-screen character referenced lowlifess played by Jack Gleeson and Iwan Rheon, who are generally considered by fans to be the most awful. Euron appeared in Season 6 where he rapidly took the salt position of authority from house Greyjoy and continued to employ his capacity against some settled primary characters to make their lives hopeless.

“I needed to accomplish something different with Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff] and what they needed. We needed to complete a progressively tempting, all the more beguiling decision. Somewhat more like… You wouldn’t know whether he’s going to kiss you or murder you, you know?”

The 37-year-old performer plainly had a solid comprehension of the show so as to create the one of a kind scoundrel he needed to. In any case, he uncovered that he never again watches the “Round of Thrones” presently that he’s on it.

“I haven’t seen one scene since Season 6. I was an enormous fan, and the day I turned into a piece of it, the enchantment sort of vanished. I perceived how they make the mythical serpents… they’re not genuine! I was so baffled,” he kidded. “It’s a little person with a green stick and a tennis ball!”

In any case, the star inclined toward his past learning of the show to uncover which withdrew character he wishes Euron could have met.

“I figure I would have wanted to have had a battle with Pedro Pascal’s character [Oberyn Martell]… or perhaps a beverage. I don’t have the foggiest idea” he said.

Asbæk will return as Euron Greyjoy in the show’s eighth and last season, which debuts on April 14.

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